Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Doggie Adventures

Still don't have a picture on the 'puter so you can actually see her, but meh.  

The dog has had two unplanned off  leash adventures in two different states.  Once last week she escaped from her choke chain my ducking out of it as I tried to move it higher on her neck.  She ran around the neighborhood for about a half hour until I caught her.  She's fast, like a gazelle.

The second time was around my parent's neighborhood in the 'Boro as I was getting ready to head back to Indy.  I was in the kitchen gathering last minute things when I heard the glass storm door slam, I thought she didn't make it out, but she did.  Gone fast.  I sent Chief after her, thinking she would stop to play with him and he would run her back, but he was about useless with his pudgy self.  I then got in the car with Chief thinking I would find her.  After 10 minutes of that, I was about to give up, but set out on foot with Chief.  Luckily most of the yards there are fenced, so there's no hiding in backyards.  I found her a couple streets over barking at another dog.  I called her, she came, and ran right past Chief and I.  I couple coming out of their garage caught her in their garage for me.  

I'm thinking this escaping may be the reason for her ending up the shelter? Though she was an owner surrender...I don't know.  She's too sweet to just give to a shelter.  

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